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An introduction to sales & services


Understand how to create a shopping experience that builds customer loyalty.



  • Understand the standards of quality service, and how service impacts sales
  • Understand the concept of internal and external customers
  • Explain the importance and economic value of customer loyalty
  • Identify the elements that represent customer profiles and demographics, needs and wants
  • Understand the various selling and service models, and how they impact customer satisfaction

Managing Sales and Service

  • Understand the elements of managing sales and service
  • Learn effective methods for floor management, such as modeling sales and service behaviors and evaluating selling and service activities
  • Learn how to increase high-value sales and service activities that produce results
  • Understand the manager’s role in staffing, and how staffing impacts the customer’s experience
  • Understand how to proactively respond to situations impacting the customer

Measuring Sales and Service Performance

  • Learn the importance of tracking service and sales activities and results
  • Understand how sales and service are measured
  • Learn methods for communicating sales and service results
  • Understand how to use performance metrics to surface opportunities and find solutions for driving sales and service

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