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Our retail training programs

Our retail training programs provide a systematic training process that specializes in retail strategy and retail store management to create competitive advantages and improve sales efficiency for retail business.

  • Core retail

    Provide a comprehensive and basic knowledge of retail-related to business processes, core functions or activities in a retail company

  • Retail knowledge

    Provide in-depth  knowledge of the main retail functions that help drive a retail company's profit, success and development

  • Retail leadership

    Equip leaders, and managers with necessary skills, methods, knowledge, and mindset to effectively lead a retail company

  • Retail skills

    Equip learners and participants with useful skills that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness at work in a retail company 

Athena Retail Consulting (ARC) is the dynamic team of retail experts that have a desire to provide retailers with many customized design training programs and best quality consulting services focused on operational objectives, profitability, development, and long-term growth.

With many years of experience in the retail industry, our retail consultants have been helping to improve the performance of many retailers in Vietnam.

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Our retail solutions

Together with customers, we design long-term strategies to help customers achieve the highest business efficiency.
Our solutions focus on retail strategies, merchandising strategies, store management, retail marketing and revenue management.

  • Retail strategy

    Retail strategy

    The retail market is more fiercely competitive than ever. An effective retail strategy must identify the appropriate "playing field" and "tactics" to win over the complicated changes of the retail industry nowadays.

  • Merchandising strategy

    Merchandising strategy

    Arc consulting's unique analytical techniques and methods create successful strategies, increase productivity, sales and profits through effectively applying data-driven approach in developing merchandising strategy.

  • Category management

    Category management

    Category management is one of the most important business processes for retail companies, influencing on consumers’ buying behaviors, business planning processes and collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

  • Retail marketing

    Retail marketing

    Effective retail marketing strategies will promote brand awareness, website traffic, store visits and customer loyalty & advocacy that will help drive significant revenue and long-term development.

  • Revenue management

    Revenue management

    Effective revenue management will positively impact the profitability of retailers. Arc consulting helps retailers restructure pricing processes and promotions decisions to drive profit growth.

Our upcoming events

  • Manager as Coach (MAC)

    Manager as Coach (MAC)

    Manager As Coach (MAC)™ Program is a unique Solution to get the tools and techniques to effectively lead and help team members. The 2-day program is Structured for Managers to learn and practice Organizational Coaching skills in order to support their Teams or staff on a daily basis. Following the program, managers will be able to help their team members overcome current obstacles, develop their talent and achieve better results.

  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    Life goes on no matter what incident or disaster takes place! Especially in difficult circumstances, we not only focus on maintaining to survive but also must be more active, more sensitive, more flexible to adapt and develop. Mission Possible is a comprehensive solution that helps equip learners with tools, practical methods to help them complete daily tasks more effectively regardless of the environment or unfavorable circumstances.




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